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We are a multinational team from Israel, USA, Germany and Ukraine. Our main expertise is a novel system which is combining fundamental physical approaches, modern electronic and IoT architecture.  Our team includes such experts as Physicist, Chemist, Engineer, Data Scientist and Business developer. Our cumulative industrial and scientific experience is above 100 years.

Our international experience is the ideal platform for innovation in today's global world.


We believe in science, and we hope it will make the world a better and more progressive place for all of us. Together with our unique technologies, we achieve profound improvements in a wide variety of areas. Industrial quality control, civil engineering, aerospace and automobile construction, are just some of the areas where we going to implement our smart sensors.  


We develop and manufacture unique technical solutions that combine sensor, electronics and algorithm for signal processing. All this is transmitted in real-time to the cloud, which has a user interface in accordance with the customer's requirements. Our main development relates to ultrasonic and acoustic methods for continuous monitoring of materials and media in various aggregate states.

Desert in Dark

Our Offer

Desert in Dark

Our Offer


Our sensors are moisture and shock-resistant, which allows them to be used in various industrial conditions. They can be installed in hard-to-reach places without changing the design of the object subjected to monitoring. Data transmission is made in real-time and it's protected by industrial standards.


Since signal processing and data analysis are of great importance for successful applications, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions including both hardware and tailored software and consulting services. The encrypted data can be stored in the cloud, on a hard data carrier and/or transmitted by cable or wireless means (LoRa, Bluetooth).


Our products are very flexible and often change depending on the tasks set by the customer. The installation of the equipment is done according to the principle  “do it yourself”.  We perform the initial signal calibration and then everything is ready to start working. Initial work subject to a fixed payment. Customers subscripted to FilumSense services are supposed to be billed on a monthly basis. During the warranty period, all faults associated with sensors or electronic modules will be fixed by us.

Desert in Dark

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Haifa, Israel
Stuttgart, Germany
New York, USA
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+972-54-321-25-28       Haifa, Israel

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